Infrastructure Projects

The King Abdullah Suburb in Jizan is as new district with total site area is approximately 85 square km.

The project is a development of 6KM2 Expansion Area of China-Egypt Suez Economy and Trade Cooperation Zone located in Alain Alsokhna. The project consisting of 460 Hectare of Industrial zones /d and 75 Hectare of the residential and living zones in addition to the road network and landscape areas.

The project is a residential compound located on the Pearl Island, Qatar with a total site area of approximately 250,000 m2. It consist of villas, townhouses, and five story residential buildings with associated facilities.

The project is resort located in Alain Alsokhna, Egypt with a total foot print area of 300,000 square meters approximately. The land use will be for Residential Units (villas & apartments), 5 star Hotel, Entertainment areas, Commercial areas, Health Club, Aquarium Restaurant, Playgrounds, in addition to the Green & Open space Areas.

The project is located in the King Abdullah Economic City. The total site area is approximately 250,000 square meters of affordable housing buildings and associated activities.

The project is a development for 57,000 sq. m industrial plot located within the Polaris Al Zamel Industrial Park, 6th October City, Egypt and dedicated for small & medium enterprises (SMEs).

The project is approximately 1,000,000 square meters of multi-activities comprise of 2,300 town houses, two kindergartens, two elementary schools, one club house, seven local commercial centers, one central mosque, six local mosques and one municipality complex.